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Equestrian Equipment

Breeches(+12 years old) or Jodhpurs(11 years or Younger) are recommended but Leggings or pants that stretch be used as an alternative until obtaining breehces or jodhpurs. Avoid baggy fitting clothing and spaghetti strap tank tops. Jodhpur(half chaps are optional) or Tall Riding boots are recommended but closed toed shoes with a 1/2" or 1" heel can be used as an alternative. We do offer Equestrian Starter Packages available for purchase to fulfil all necessities!


Equestrian Starter Package

This package includes everything needed to begin your/your child's new journey as an Equestrian! Package will contain: Show Legal and ASTM/SEI(this is a necessary standard that is only met by Helmets designed for Horseback Riding, a bike helmet does not meet these standards) rated riding helmet, Jodhpurs or breeches(riding pants), paddock(riding) boots, Half chaps, riding gloves, grooming kit, and a personalized WSF Duffle bag to carry all your new riding equipment!!Price starting at....$210    Please see Morgan to Order at (941)468-7350(text or call) or email

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